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Servizio di assistenza per il software logistico

Service Contract

The service contract allows the customer to benefit of the help and experience of A&D srl technicians to solve any problems linked to operational warehouse flux or to any bug situated on logistic software.

On the service contract is included the release of different software updates, carried out during all the working year.

These types of updates include also the addition of new functionalities/managements to WMS, developed for a specific customer, integrated to standard software and available for all the customers who could ask for a free activation. 

Assistenza software al WMS

Software assistance mode

A&D S.r.l. offers to her customers a telephonic and informatic assistance software service during the time 08:30 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 18:00 of every working day during the year excluding national Italian holidays.

The company also offers assistance services 24h/7day, continuously or on multiple shifts, all through a custom contract per customer.

The regular assistance service is managed like a group of intervention with standard priority, so the priority goes in order of call. A&D S.r.l. could give, in case of customer needs, priority assistance with reduced time of elaboration defined by a personalised contract.


Servizio di assistenza hardware

Hardware Repair

Thanks to a hard partnership with her hardware supplier, A&D S.r.l. is able to offer a maintenance service and radio frequency equipment repair reducing time and management fees.

The technical laboratory situated around Treviso, is able to fulfil all the repair requests on a variety of hardware products, on a reduced time of 2/3 days.

Another service offered by A&D S.r.l. is the starting setup of radio frequency equipment with the most adapting parameters to the logistic system. This service is included for the customers who choose A&d srl as supplier on hardware equipment.