The Company

We see beyond the limits

We believe that information technology within logistics can bring great benefits
to companies if it does not influence its organizational model.

Il WMS per la gestione logistica del magazzino

Who are we?

A&D is an IT company offering warehouse management solutions and advanced know-how for both producers and distributors.

A&D S.r.l operates in the Supply Chain and offers proprietary solutions, whose heart is the software WMS Automa, focused on operational management of the materials flow in the several phases of the logistics process, starting from the supply of raw materials and components, to the distribution of finished products.

The company provide its own solutions developed in its laboratory by software analysts and programmers with more than 20 years of experience



According to customer needs, A&D is able to recommend integrated products and solutions (thanks to key partnerships with specialized companies operating in other areas of the Supply Chain) with regard to projects involving the production (MES) and transport management, providing logistics expertise at 360 °.

We do not offer products but turnkey solutions, complete with consulting support and analysis from the signing of the contract to the start-up of the project. Everything without making licensing policies. 

Il software WMS e la consulenza logistica

The mission

Since its foundation, A&D S.r.l focuses interest in the logistic sector, taking up the mission to provide companies with a powerful product aimed at the complete warehouse management.

Even today, the company's main focus is on Automa, a web-based software for the organization and optimization of the operations needed to warehouse management and stock, which makes use of a specific tracking tool for the accurate control of the various movements occurring within the physical structure, from the incoming flow to the final delivery.

Ambition and an increasing demand of complete logistic solutions, led A&D S.r.l to improve its range of products developing complementary software in addition to its main product, in order to optimize certain external aspects that are not strictly related to the warehouse management but still relevant in the logistic process, expanding sometimes the target market of its own products, as in the case of the solution studied for health facilities.

Nowadays, in addition to the WMS Automa and automation projects, A&D is able to provide solutions for electronic storage of documents, software designed for the acquisition of sales orders by agents and specific solutions for healthcare logistics, using the most advanced communication technologies and choosing the most suitable supporting tools for every solution (handheld terminal, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).