Rationalisation, organization and speed

Attention to customer satisfaction, continuous product innovation, performance of solutions offered and quality of its human resources. These are the reasons of the company's success.

  • Informatic Consulting
  • Warehouse Consulting
  • Logistic Consulting
Software logistico chiavi in mano e consulenza di magazzino

“Turnkey” Projects

A&D S.r.l doesn’t follow a licence/user’s politics, but she proposes a “turnkey” supply, founded on the experience and project evaluation project grown during these years thanks to all the installation of her logistic software.

Company’s projects, includes always a detailed analyses in order to choose every time the better solution to improve and evaluate an optimisation of layout and warehouse flux.

In addition to warehouse’s WMS, A&D S.r.l offers standard assistance to installation start-up and the user’s training service. (office and warehouse).

A&D S.r.l considers ERP software integration an essential part of the supply. 

A&D thinks that the customer has to know the final investment entity to carry out the project, without discover it during the realisation.

Consulenza logistica e software WMS di magazzino

Hardware Supply

An additional service offered by the company is the suggest of hardware instruments more adaptive and appropriate to the project. The big amount of hardware we buy every year, offers to A&D S.r.l to became partner supplier also for this type of equipment.

Although is expected to supply the radiofrequency system, A&D S.r.l can do the radioelectric survey for the network coverage analysis on the warehouse and to define the number and position of access point.

Our attitude is to suggest, in our offer the best hardware instrument useful for the project, without exclude the possibility for the client to choose an alternative supplier.

The “operating lease” formula

Thanks to the collaboration with some financial societies, A&D S.r.l give the possibility to buy the logistic project with a “operating lease” formula that allows to divide the investment on monthly/trimonthly instalments of about 24-36 or 48 months.

The advantages offered by this type of formula are:

  • There is no obligation of investment amortisation;
  • The total amount of the operation is deductible;
  • One time that the location period is terminated, it is possible to rescue the total amount of the project, using only the 1 % of the total supply.

You could ask information to the administrative office of A&D S.r.l.